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Contact Center

Grata Service Console

Grata’s core web application is a full-featured contact center solution that can be easily tailored to your needs: connect to your CRM database, pull content from your DAM/PIM, and track conversions on your e-commerce backend. Your agents can efficiently manage multiple open chats simultaneously across all of your channels.

Mobile teams

Grata + WeCom

Grata’s WeCom Mini-Program makes it easier than ever to extend live chat beyond your contact center, enabling your customers to connect to anyone in your organization. Enable website visitors to chat with nearby boutique staff, or connect your hotel guests directly to their driver for an airport pickup.

Live chat for your site

Grata Web Chat

Add multilingual live chat to your website with a single line of code. Customize the look and feel of your chat setup whenever you like, without ever changing any code. Enhance your live chat capabilities with developer interfaces to control nearly any configuration. 

Why clients choose Grata


Since 2012, Grata has built a reputation for first-to-market WeChat and WeCom features. Grata is the first choice for multinational companies in China who need innovative, multilingual contact center solutions that work on either side of the Great Firewall.

Trusted Partner

Grata provides expert implementation support, custom integration work, and continually works to improve our product based on client feedback.

Data Security

Grata is a certified MLPS 2.0 Level 3 vendor, China’s latest comprehensive data security standard. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, protected behind multiple layers of firewall and application security.

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