Custom Agent Identities

When you add agents to your account on the Team page, the name you give them does not necessarily control how agents are identified to your customers. You can use Agent IDs to give personal or shared role-based identities to each agent.

WeChat Official Accounts can personalize chats with custom agent avatar images and names. Agent IDs can be used by more than one user allowing you to use individual agent names and photos or team identities. By default WeChat allows accounts to create 100 different identities. If you don’t use the WeChat Agent IDs, all messages will be sent with your WeChat Official Account logo as the avatar.
You must activate this feature on the WeChat backend before you can manage them in Grata. To do this, login to the WeChat backend, click “+ Add Plug-ins” (+添加功能插件)from the side menu, then click on the Customer Service feature (客服功能), and on the next page click the green button to enable (开通) the feature.

You’ll also need to make sure you’ve set a WeChat ID for your Official Account. Still on the WeChat backend, check on the Settings < Account Details page that you have selected a WeChat ID in the second row. The custom avatar feature will not work if you have never edited the default auto-generated ID for your WeChat ID. The WeChat ID can be modified only once per year.

Once you’ve enabled the Customer Service feature on the WeChat backend and confirmed your account has a valid WeChat ID, you can start adding identities from Grata. Keep in mind that WeChat limits the length of the names you use to maximum sixteen Chinese or alphanumeric characters.
Note that Agent IDs can take a few minutes to update in the user’s WeChat app. WeChat may display a default customer service representative icon until the image loads.
Grata web chat agent identities allow you to set multilingual names and descriptions for your agents. Use the optional second line to identify the agent’s department, team, or location.
Web chat agent IDs are only supported in the “Left-Right opposition” chat layout, set on the Web Chat General settings tab on the Grata Admin Backend.
Agent IDs are managed on the Agent ID page, but they are not live until you assign them to agent profiles on the Team page.