Welcome to Grata!

We’ve prepared a checklist of best practices for getting setup and getting the best value from your Grata console.

Setup Checklist


  1. Connect a Channel
  2. Your customers need a way to message your agents. You’ll need to get at least one channel connected before you’ll see any new chat notifications in your console.
    Link a Verified WeChat Official Account
    Add Chat to my Website
    If you need help, check out our instructions:
    How to register a WeChat Official Account
    How to verify your WeChat account
    How to link your WeChat account to Grata
    How to install Grata’s web chat plug-in


  3. Add your Team
  4. Who are your agents? Add agents to the Team page and we’ll email them invitations with their log-in password.


  5. Promote your Channel

Tell your customers how easy it is to reach you. Display your WeChat QR code on email signatures, business cards, your website, sales literature and promotional materials… everywhere. End your WeChat new follower message with “Is there anything we can help you with?”. Add a WeChat menu button for “Live Chat”.
Grata clients generally have response times measured in a matter of seconds, but if you don’t tell your user’s how good you are at service, they might assume no one is online.